(Ages 3 – 4)

Class 7 – Running

Dynamic Warm-Up – 7 Minutes
  • Arms: Seal taps
  • Legs: Stationary Frankenstein’s
  • Abs: Bicycles
  • Core: Crab kicks
Mat Chat – 3-minutes (Includes Water Break)
  • Today we are going to work on RUNNING.
  • Who can tell me what RUNNING means?

Here are the three RUNNING tips that I want everyone to practice today:

1. Take big steps as you run. 2. Keep your head up so that you don’t fall. 3. Watch where you run.
Skill-Building Drills – 15 Minutes

Get the Color:

The students will play a fun game that will challenge their memory while RUNNING, by collecting colored circles in order.
  • Teaching SKILLZ: NEUROBICS – Have the students call out the colors while collecting them to stimulate the brain.
  • Brain SKILLZ: WORKING MEMORY – The students must remember the color combinations in order.

Race to the Pad:

In this drill the students will race to the slammer pads and then sit on it as quickly as possible. The purpose of this drill is to build self-control.
  • Teaching SKILLZ: TRICKERY – Try and trick them with different commands.
  • Brain SKILLZ: AUDITORY PROCESSING – The students must respond to the proper command.
Dynamic Stretches: 5-minutes
  • Airplanes
  • Row boats
  • Stretch kicks
  • Twist stretch
Game – 3-minutes
  • Four Corners

End of Class Announcments:

2 Minutes