Skill: Kicking
Drill: Follow My Lead
Equipment needed: None
Instructors needed: 1 per Line
Description: Students will practice having good KICKING by demonstrating their ability to watch the instructor and try and remember the pattern that was shown to them.
Teaching SKILLZ:
EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION – If the student can perform the combination correctly, the instructor will have three jumping jacks.
WORKING MEMORY – The student must be able to remember and perform the correct combination
Step 1
Divide your students into lines.
Step 2 – Setting Up the Drill:
Have the students sitting with the instructor.
Step 3 – Explain the Rules:
  • The 1st student in each line will stand up and face the instructor.
  • The instructor will demonstrate a 3 move combo using ducking and kicking.
  • Once the instructor has shown the combo to the student, they will try and do the same thing that the instructor did.
  • The students goal is to get as many right as they can.
Step 4 – Takeaways:
  • Hands up when you kick.
  • Snap your knee when you kick.
  • Answer loud.
Step 5
  • Continue until each person has 2-3 turns.
How To Video