Drill: Around the World
Equipment needed: 4 Rings
Instructors needed: 1 for each Line
Description: Students will practice having good punching by running to the different rings and throwing 3 strong punches in each ring.
Teaching SKILLZ:
CHOICES – When the student comes up for their turn, have them pick which ring they would like to start in.
SPEED OF PROCESSING – The student must be able to complete their punches in every ring as quickly as they can before the time runs out.
Step 1
Separate your students into lines, based off of how many instructors you have.
Step 2 – Setting Up the Drill:
Put the rings spread out, in a circle.
Step 3 – Explain the Rules:
  • When the student comes up let them pick what ring they would like to start in.
  • When the instructor says “go” the student will have to throw three punches in the ring they are currently in, then move onto the next ring.
  • This will continue until the student has thrown three punches in each ring.
  • As they are doing this, make it a challenge, give them only 15 seconds to finish.
Step 4 – Takeaways:
  • Move fast as you go from ring to ring!
  • Make sure that you get your feet in the ring so that your punches count.
  • Hit as strong as you can to make yourself look good!
Step 5
  • Continue for 2-3 turns.
How To Video