(Ages 10 – 14)

Class 13 – Precision

Static Warm-Up – 7 Minutes
  • Arms: Hold push-up position
  • Legs: Hold single leg squat position
  • Abs: Hold advanced dish position
  • Core: Hold Straight-leg bridge
Mat Chat – 3-minutes (Includes Water Break)
  • Today we are going to work on PRECISION.
  • PRECISION means to arrive at an accurate estimate.
  • This is important because you need to be able to have accuracy in your moves in order for them to be effective.

Here are the three ways that we are going to improve your PRECISION skills today:

1. Applying memory with your PRECISION. 2. Having concentration and PRECISION. 3. Having the ability to maintain PRECISION under pressure.
Skill-Building Drills – 15 Minutes

Be Fast:

The students will practice PRECISION by demonstrating their ability to hit the board with a lot of speed and precision because they will be doing a speed break.
  • Teaching SKILLZ: EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION – If the student is unable to break the board, then they have five pushups for every time they are unable to break the board. If they are able to break the board three times in a row without fail, then the instructor will have five pushups.
  • Brain SKILLZ: VISUAL PROCESSING – The student must be able to see the correct spot on the board and hit that spot as quickly as they can. If they do not, it will be much harder to break the board since it is unsupported. This drill works on the student’s ability to process visual activities and see a specific spot and hit it with a technique.

On Your Feet:

The students will test their precision by jumping to their feet and breaking the board before their opponent.
  • Teaching SKILLZ: HEALTHY COMPETITION – The student that breaks the board the fastest earns a point for their team, and the first team to five points will win. The instructor can give the teams silly names, like “hamburgers vs. hotdogs” in order to keep the students engaged and get them more motivated to win as a team.
  • Brain SKILLZ: AUDITORY PROCESSING – The student must be able to hear the instructor say “go”, and jump up and break through the board successfully. This works on the student’s ability to respond to audio cues correctly and quickly.
Passive Stretches: 5-minutes
  • Cross-leg twists
  • Neck pulls
  • Rubber guard stretch
  • Seal stretch
Game – 3-minutes
  • Yo Ball

End of Class Announcments:

2 Minutes