(Ages 10 – 14)

Class 5 – Precision

Static Warm-Up – 7 Minutes
  • Arms: Hold push-up position
  • Legs: Hold single leg squat position
  • Abs: Hold advanced dish position
  • Core: Hold Straight-leg bridge
Mat Chat – 3-minutes (Includes Water Break)
  • Today we are going to work on PRECISION.
  • PRECISION means to arrive at an accurate estimate.
  • This is important because you need to be able to have accuracy in your moves in order for them to be effective.

Here are the three ways that we are going to improve your PRECISION skills today:

1. Applying technique with your PRECISION. 2. Having consistency with your PRECISION. 3. Having the ability to maintain PRECISION under pressure.
Skill-Building Drills – 15 Minutes

On Your Feet:

The students will test their precision by jumping to their feet and breaking the board before their opponent.
  • Teaching SKILLZ: HEALTHY COMPETITION – The students will apply more effort to be the first team 10 points.
  • Brain SKILLZ: SPEED OF PROCESSING – The student will practice listening for the command and quickly jump to their feet and hit the board accurately before their opponent to earn a point.

Speed Breaks:

It is one thing to break a board when you have time to set up, aim, and then break. It is more challenging when you have only seconds to break. In this drill we are going to put your aim and accuracy skills to the test by seeing how many boards you can break in 15 seconds
  • Teaching SKILLZ: UP THE REP – Have the students work on getting stronger on each rep to have power to continuously break each board.
  • Brain SKILLZ: ATTENTION CONTROL – The students will practice staying focused at they hit each board non-stop.
Passive Stretches: 5-minutes
  • Cross-leg twists
  • Neck pulls
  • Rubber guard stretch
  • Seal stretch
Game – 3-minutes
  • Yo Ball

End of Class Announcments:

2 Minutes