Drill: Crazy 8’s
Equipment needed: Two foam swords per line
Instructors needed: 1 per Line
Description: The students will practice active flexibility by making a sideways “8” with their leg.
Teaching SKILLZ:
EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION – If the student hits the noodle with their leg, or they put their foot down, then they must do five pushups. If they are able to complete their turn without their foot touching the ground or their leg touching the noodles, then the instructor will do three pushups.
ATTENTION CONTROL – The student must focus on moving their leg in a figure eight until they complete their turn. This works on their ability to focus on a task for an extended period of time, as they cannot drop their leg until they are done.
Step 1
Divide your students into groups.
Step 2 – Setting Up the Drill:
For each group you will need an instructor to hold two foam swords out.
Step 3 – Explain the Rules:
  • You will use your leg to make an “8” with your leg around the foam swords.
  • To make an “8” your leg will go over and under the swords.
  • Your goal is to make ten “8’s” without putting your foot down.
  • If you can make ten “8’s” without putting your foot down then the instructor will have to do 10 push-ups.
  • You have three tries.
Step 4 – Takeaways:
  • Continue until each student has at least two turns.
Step 5
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