(Ages 7 – 9)

Class 9 – Agility

Static Warm-Up – 7 Minutes
  • Arms: Hold push-ups
  • Legs: Hold squats position
  • Abs: Hold dish
  • Core: Hold beginner bridge w/ leg out
Mat Chat – 3-minutes (Includes Water Break)
  • Today we are going to work on AGILITY.
  • AGILITY means having the power to move quickly and easily.

Here are the three agility tips that you will practice today:

1. AGILITY in kicking 2. AGILITY in changing directions 3. AGILITY in footwork
Skill-Building Drills – 15 Minutes


The students will practice agility by stepping inside the white belt alternating feet, then stepping outside the white belt alternating feet, and then kicking the target alternating feet.
  • Teaching SKILLZ: HEALTHY COMPETITION – The instructor can see which student can complete their turn the fastest.
  • Brain SKILLZ: WORKING MEMORY – The student must be able to remember the steps they need to take, and do them in the correct order.

Switch Relay:

The students will work on their AGILITY by having fast footwork and transitioning from running to kicking while not looking sloppy.
  • Teaching SKILLZ: TRICKERY – The instructor can say a crazy number like 1,000, or the instructor can just say “go” without saying any numbers to try and trick the students and further improve their auditory processing.
  • Brain SKILLZ: AUDITORY PROCESSING – The student must hear which number the instructor says and then do the correct number of switches.
Passive Stretches: 5-minutes
  • Figure four stretch
  • Hip twists/li>
  • Knee splits
  • Wake ups
Game – 3-minutes
  • Pay attention
  • End of Class Announcments:

    2 Minutes