Drill: Number Combo
Equipment needed: 1 Kicking Shield or Clapper Pad
Instructors needed: Multiple to Monitor
Description: The students will practice DEXTERITY by to be able to hit their pad fast and accurately with the proper kicks that were called in by the instructor.
  • The instructor will prompt the students and let them know that if they can hit all their kicks in a row then they will have 5 squat jumps.
  • The students will work on hearing the combo the instructor calls out then quickly kicking the combination that was called out.
Step 1
  • Have students form lines with their instructor
Step 2 – Explain the Rules:
  • The students will stand up and face their instructor.
  • The instructor will call out kicks that have a specific number order.
  • 1. Lead Leg Kick, 2. Rear Leg Kick, 3. Lead Leg Skip Kick, 4. Rear Leg Off the Line Kick.
  • The instructor will call the combo with numbers like 1,3,4 and the students must kick the pad in the correct order.
  • The student want to kick as fast as they can without making any mistakes.
Step 3 – Takeaways:
  • Kick fast so that your kicks will be strong.
  • Watch the pad so you know where it is.
  • Try to hit the middle of the pad on each kick.
Step 4
  • Continue until each student has 2-3 turns.
How To Video