Skill: Entertainment
Drill: Yo Ball
Equipment needed: One Dodge Ball
Instructors needed: 1 – 2 to play or monitor
Description: The students will test their endurance and reactions in this game while running away from the ball and trying not to get cornered. Teamwork is the key!
Step 1
  • Divide the class into one large group.
  • Assign 2 people as “it”, they will hold the dodge ball.
Step 2 – Explain the Rules:
  • When you have possession of the ball, you can only pivot on one leg as in basketball.
  • You can call for the ball saying “Yo-Ball”
  • You can only tag with the ball as in baseball to get people on your team.
  • If you are tagged by the ball you automatically join the “it” team and may now call for the ball.
  • If you step off the mat, you will automatically join the “it” team.
  • The last person in is the winner.
Step 3 – Takeaways:
  • Work as a team to tag the other students.
  • Control your throws to move faster.
  • Stay calm under pressure!
Step 4
  • Continue until you play at least 2 games.
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