Skill: Force
Drill: Pay Attention (Bo / Sword)
Equipment needed: Bo or Sword
Instructors needed: 1 to keep score and coach
Description: The students will develop FORCE in their strikes in multiple directions.
Step 1
  • Pair the students up & have them sit across the mat from their partner.
Step 2 – Explain the rules:
  • Assign each pair a number.
  • Call out the number and a direction for the strike (Vertical/ Horizontal/ Diagonal/ Stab)
  • Students will race to the middle and perform the strike.
  • 1st person to complete it correctly and run back to their side scores a point for their team.
  • Add in multiple directions in the second round.
Step 3 – Takeaways
  • Maintain proper technique.
  • Set your weapon down gently.
  • Listen! Don’t get caught zoning out.
Step 4
  • Continue for several rounds.
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