Skill: Endurance
Drill: Burn Out (Sword)
Equipment needed: Sword & 1 ring per line
Instructors needed: Several to monitor and coach
Description: The students will develop ENDURANCE to maintain power in their strikes.
Step 1
  • Divide the students into even lines.
Step 2 – Explain the rules:
  • Students will race to a ring and complete as many diagonal strikes with stances as they can in 20 seconds. Technique counts.
  • In the 2nd round, have the students change the strike to overhead diagonal strikes.
  • In the final round, have the students spin and perform over the head diagonal cuts.
Step 3 – Takeaways
  • Full, big cuts.
  • Show off your stances as you strike.
  • Breathe on each technique or keep count.
Step 4
  • Continue for several rounds.
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