Drill: Dynamic Arm Exercise: Triangle Push-Ups
Equipment needed: None
Instructors needed: Several to monitor
Description: The students will build arm strength by lowering their head to the top of their hand from push-up position, alternating hands on each rep for 20 reps.
Step 1
  • Have your students hold their body up in push-position.
Step 2 -Explain the rules:
  • When I say, “go” you will lower your head to the top of your hand and then back up, alternating hands on each rep.
  • Keep your feet together and make sure your body is in alignment.
  • You will alternate lowering your head to your hands for twenty reps.
Step 3:
  • Continue for two rounds.
  • On the second round, walk around and make sure they are maintaining alignment. If they are not, freeze the count until they correct their position.
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