Drill: Obstacle Course
Equipment needed: Various Equipment Types
Instructors needed: 1 per Line
Description: Students will work on their FOLLOWING by trying not to fall far behind the person in front of them while navigating the course.
Step 1
Have students form a line with the guardians standing next to them for support.
Step 2 – Setting Up the Drill:
Use various pieces of equipment to build a obstacle course that requires 3-4 different types of movement.
Step 3 – Explain the Rules:
  • Choose one students to to go first.
  • Each other student will follow them through the course.
  • The goal is to not fall behind.
  • Once you make it through the course run back to your spot.
  • Then have another student be the leader.
Step 4 – Takeaways:
  • Do your best to not fall down
  • Try not to fall too far behind your teammates
  • Remember not to bump into the person in front of you.
Step 5
  • Continue so that everyone has a chance to lead.
How To Video