Skill: Versatility
Drill: Compas Switch
Equipment needed: None
Instructors needed: 1 per Line
Description: Students will practice having good VERSATILITY by working on their ability to perform their form but also be able to change directions as they perform without being thrown off.
Teaching SKILLZ:
EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION – If the student does a move in the wrong direction, they will have five pushups. If the student is able to perform their form correctly, then the instructor will have five pushups.
LONG TERM MEMORY – The student must be able do their form, while switching directions in the middle of it. This works on their ability to recall information that they have learned in the past, as they must not focus on relating their form to their surroundings, but remembering the form on its own.
Step 1
Divide your students into groups.
Step 2 – Setting Up the Drill:
Have the students witting around a ring.
Step 3 – Explain the Rules:
  • The 1st student in the group will stand up and go to their ready stance.
  • When the instructor says “GO” they will start performing their form, when the instructor says a direction N<S<E
  • The instructor should designate areas of the room as N<S<E
Step 4 – Takeaways:
  • Use good technique as you go through your form.
  • Use good pace to show good versatility
  • Answer loudly as you yell in the form.
Step 5
  • Continue until each person has 2-3 turns.
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