Class 1 – Focus

Static warm-up – 7-minutes
• Arms: Hold intermediate push-ups
• Legs: Hold squats position
• Abs: Hold beginner dish
• Core: Hold beginner bridge

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Mat chat – 3-minutes (Includes water break)
• Today we are going to work on FOCUS.
• FOCUS means to pay attention with your eyes, ears, and body.
• Here are three FOCUS tips that you will learn today:
1. FOCUS with your eyes by looking at people when they talk to you and also looking at what you are doing.
2. FOCUS with your ears by listening to what others say.
3. FOCUS with your body by not moving when others are talking to you and also being aware of where your body is.

Skill-building drills – 15-minutes
1. Going, Going, Gone: The students will practice their focus by learning to judge distance and timing while punching.

  • Teaching SKILLZ: INTRINSIC MOTIVATION – Challenge them to pick if they want to hit the target soft, medium, or hard. The harder they hit, the further it will go.
  • Brain SKILLZ: VISIUAL PROCESSING – The student will develop spatial awareness as they hit the target correctly.

2. Math Kicks: In this drill the students will solve a simple math problem and then kick the target equal to the sum of the math problem. This is a great way to teach your students math!

  • Teaching SKILLZ: CHOICES – Allow the student to pick an addition or subtraction problem, or even a single-digit or double-digit problem.
  • Brain SKILLZ: WORKING MEMORY – The student will have to hang onto the math problem in their brain as they solve it and then hit the target with the correct number.


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Skill stripe test – 10-minutes
• See testing charts

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Passive stretches: 5-minutes

  • Front leans
  • Middle split
  • Back bends
  • Bow and arrows
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Game – 3-minutes
• Octopus

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End of class announcements – 2-minutes