(Ages 5 – 6)
Drill: Ultimate Abs Exercise: Donkey-Kongs Down the Mat
Equipment needed: None
Instructors needed: Several to monitor
Description: The students will build abdominal strength by pulling their body down the mat by placing their hands on the mat in front of them and then using their abdominal muscles to pull their feet up to their hands.
Step 1
  • Have your students stand on one end of the mat with their feet together.
Step 2 -Explain the rules:
  • When I say, “go” you will place your palms on the ground as far in front of you as possible without letting your feet come apart. Then, using your abdominal muscles, you will pull your feet off the ground towards your palms coming as close to your palms as possible.
  • You will do this down the mat.
Step 3
  • Keep your knees together and pull them through your arms.
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