Skill: Blaster Battle Camp
Drill: Defend the Castle
Equipment needed: Numerous pads of various sizes
Instructors needed: A few to monitor
Description: The students will work on their accuracy in this game by playing an all out battle to hit the other teams’ target. This will knock them out of the game.
Step 1
  • Divide your students into 4 even teams.
  • Give each team an equal amount of pads to build a castle. They will then place a target a few feet away in front of their castle.
Step 2 – Explain the rules:
  • When you say “go”, each team will try and shoot the other teams’ target.
  • Each team must stay wintin 5 ft. of their castle.
  • When your cone is hit, your team is out of the game and must lay down their blasters.
  • The last team remaining is the winner.
Step 3
  • Continue for 2 – 3 games.
How To Video