Skill: GAMES
Drill: Fun Games: Ninja Freeze
Equipment needed: None
Instructors needed: Several to monitor
Description: The students will try and sneak up to tag the instructor without getting caught moving.
Step 1
  • Line up all of your students on one end of the mat.
  • The instructor will line up at the opposite end with their back towards the students.
Step 2 -Explain the rules:
  • I will turn my back you and slowly say: “1-2-3-ninja FREEZE!”
  • Once I start to count, you will sneak towards me.
  • Once I say “FREEZE” I will turn around and look at you.
  • If I catch you moving then you must start back from the starting point.
  • I will continue until one of you tags me before I catch you moving.
Step 3
  • To make it fun, let the winning student become the next counter.
  • You can also make it fun and challenging by using trickery when you count.
How To Video