Skill: GAMES
Drill: Fun Games: Ninja-Ninja-Turtle
Equipment needed: None
Instructors needed: Several to monitor
Description: The students will take turns picking someone to chase them around the circle without getting tagged.
Step 1
  • Have everyone make a big circle.
  • Select one person to go first.
Step 2 -Explain the rules:
  • You will walk around the circle tapping each student gently on the top of the head as you say “ninja.”
  • You will select one person by gently tapping them on the head and saying “turtle!”
  • The turtle will chase you around the circle, and you will try to make it back and sit in the turtle’s spot.
  • If the turtle tags you, then you go into the “mush pot” and everyone else gets to tickle you.
  • You cannot change directions when you are running.
  • You must sit in the turtles spot or else you go in the “mush pot.”
Step 3
  • Once you have a turn, you must place your legs straight out (to show you’ve had a turn) and you do not get another turn until everyone else gets a turn to be the turtle.
How To Video