Skill: GAMES
Drill: Fun Games: Four Corners
Equipment needed: 4 wavemaster cushions, Numbered spots, 1 Chair, 1 Blindfold
Instructors needed: 1-2 to monitor
Description: The students will race from corner to corner working on their listening skills, counting ability, and control.
Step 1
  • Form your students into one large group.
  • Place one cushion in each corner of the mat. Place a numbered spot on top of each cushion. The counter will sit in the chair in the middle of the mat, blindfolded.
Step 2 -Explain the rules:
  • The counter will count to 10.
  • Students must quietly run to a corner before the counter is finished.
  • When finished counting, he/she will pick a corner 1-4, everyone at this corner will be out and have to sit off to the side.
  • Runners should run quietly so the counter cannot hear them.
  • Do not knock over or bang on the pads.
  • The last person “in” gets to be the next counter.
Step 3
  • Continue so that a couple students get to count.
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