Skill: Ninja
Drill: Ninja Mountain
Equipment needed: 3+ Slammer Pads
Instructors needed: A Few to Monitor
Step 1
  • Explain to the students some tips for building momentum when jumping for height:
    • Run at a good pace to build momentum.
    • As you jump, do not stop or else you will lose momentum.
    • Tuck your knees as you jump to increase your upward momentum.
Step 2
  • Stack 3 slammer pads in the middle of the training mat.
Step 3 – Explain the Rules:
  • You will run and build momentum as you jump over the three slammer pads.
  • If you knock the pads over as you jump then you are out.
  • If you fall as you land, then you are out.
  • As each student has a turn to jump over the pads, the instructor will add a pad to the stack.
Step 4
  • The last person standing is the winner.
Step 5 – Takeaways:
  • Run quickly and jump up and not forward.
  • Go over the pad to avoid going around it instead.
  • Land safely, trying not to fall or break your fall using your hands.
How To Video