(Ages 10 – 14)

Class 19 – Fun Week

Dynamic Warm-Up – 7 Minutes
  • Arms: Triangle push-ups
  • Legs: Jump squat scissor kicks
  • Abs: V-sit ups/li>
  • Core: Half windmill
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  • This week is fun week!
  • As a reward for working so hard at testing, this week we are going to play a bunch of fun games.
  • Fun week games Part 1 – 15-minutes (Play several round of each game)

    Four Square:

    The students will bounce the ball into another person’s square and try to knock them out.

    Dr. Dodge ball:

    The students will try to get the other team out while the doctor of the team tries to keep their teammates in.

    Knock out:

    The students will work on their speed to run and jump across growing distances.
    Dynamic Stretches: 5-minutes
  • Calf push up stretch
  • Hacky sack
  • Jogging kicks
  • Toy soldier
  • Fun week games Part 2 – 15-minutes (Play several round of each game)

    Capture the flag:

    The students will work on their versatility and teamwork as they battle to steal and return the flag to their side.

    Ga Ga:

    The students will improve their special awareness and versatility by trying to get everyone out while avoiding getting out as well.
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    Yo ball:

    The students will test their endurance and reactions in this game while running away from the ball and trying not to get cornered. Teamwork is the key!

    End of Class Announcments:

    2 Minutes