Class 14 – Reflex

Active Warm-Up – 7 Minutes
  • Arms -­ Int. triangle push-ups for 15 reps
  • Legs – Squat kicks for 15 reps
  • Abs – Half v-sit up for 15 reps
  • Core – Straight-leg bridge w/ shoulder taps for 15 reps
  • Stand-up stretches

See Elite SKILLZ Warm-Ups:

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Mat Chat – 3-minutes (Includes Water Break)
  • Today we are going to work on REFLEX.
  • REFLEX means to have an involuntary response to a stimulus.
  • This is important because not all of your combinations will be choreographed.

Here are the three ways that we are going to improve your REFLEX today:

1. Have REFLEX with movement. 2. Have REFLEX with footwork. 3. Have REFLEX under pressure.
Skill-Building Drills – 30 Minutes

Hot Hands:

Students will compete head-to-head to be the first to perform a combo called by the instructor.

Get Out Challenge:

Students will race down the mat to a box and quickly cut and run out of it.
Technique Training

See Testing Charts:

View Grappling Testing Chart

See How To Videos:

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Game – 3-minutes
  • Speed Ball

End of Class Announcments:

2 Minutes