Class 3 – Control

Dynamic warm-up – 7-minutes
• Arms: Push-ups
• Legs: Squat jumps
• Abs: Sit-ups w/ legs in the air
• Core: Bridge with shoulder taps

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Mat chat – 3-minutes (Includes water break)
• Today we are going to work on CONTROL.
• CONTROL means to have power over your mind, heart, and body.
• Here are three CONTROL tips that you will learn today:
1. Have CONTROL over your front kicks.
2. Have CONTROL over your side kicks.
3. Have CONTROL over your round kicks.

Skill-building drills – 15-minutes
1. Dizzy Race: In this drill the students will develop better control of their body by racing down the training mat, spinning their head around a blocker target four times, and then kicking a target ten times. This is a fun way to teach your students to control their body.

  • Teaching SKILLZ: UP THE REP – Challenge the student to kick stronger on each kick even though they will be dizzy.
  • Brain SKILLZ: RESPONSE INHIBITION – The students will develop cognitive control of their attention as they don’t allow being dizzy to distract them from trying hard to kick the target.

2. Speedy Ladder: The students will build their control by front kicking a target while not hitting a stack of pads below their foot. This will help the students build good chambers in their front kicks.

  • Teaching SKILLZ: EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION – If the student can kick the target correctly without hitting the pad on the ground, then the instructor will do 5 jumping jacks.
  • Brain SKILLZ: DIVIDED ATTENTION – The student will develop this cognitive skill as they multi-task by kicking the target with increasing reps, while not hitting the pad on the ground, and also keeping their feet in the ring.


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Skill stripe test – 10-minutes
• See testing charts

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Dynamic stretches: 5-minutes

  • Ball roll
  • Inch worm hops
  • Middle split push ups
  • Side leg swings
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Game – 3-minutes
• Pirate dodge ball

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End of class announcements – 2-minutes