Melody Johnson

Melody Johnson has over 25 years of experience in childhood development as it relates to sports, coaching, and parenting. She has re-defined the children’s sports, camps, and after-school market with innovative age-specific curriculums and drills known as SKILLZ, which are currently utilized in over 1k children’s facilities in over 2 dozen countries.   In addition, she is a high-demand consultant on topics associated with child development, teaching, and parenting. This includes resources such as SKILLZ University, the Certified Pediatric Ninja Specialist program, and seminar presentations.   Melody was recently on the Tennis Channel’s ‘Think About It’ podcast where former 1st place tennis star Victoria Azarenka interviewed her about child development and how important it is to sports. She was recognized as one of the top influences in children’s sports and extra-curricular activities.   Melody coaches her son’s flag football team, making it to the championships every season and was the first female coach to win a championship title in her leagues 30+ season history. She also holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo under Grandmaster (Super) Dan Anderson, 5th Degree Black Belt in the ATA, and has an ATA World Champion title in forms. She lives with her family in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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